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Super Easy Ways To Make Money With My Affiliate Program

1. Create a blog on blogspot, or wordpress and post your review of the Wealthy Wiseguy System, including your affiliate link. Then ping your blog so it gets listed in the search engine quickly.

2. Post a bulletin on myspace using my negative marketing messages. Include your affiliate link at the end of the bulletin. Each friend that your refer you get paid a killer commission. Use the subject line “Do Not Click Here” – People will always do the exact opposite.

3. Join a popular marketing forum such as Sitepoint and make frequent posts to popular threads. Be sure to edit your “signature” to include your Wealthy Wiseguy affiliate link. Or you can always do this on ANY other forum you currently post on, no need to join new forums. Why not get paid to surf online? If you referred 10 people you would be over $120.00 richer!

4. Start a facebook group for Wealthy Wiseguys or for people looking to “Make Money Online”. Make sure to include your Wealthy Wiseguy affiliate link everywhere. Search engines will lead eager customers to your group who will click your link and you will get paid effortlessly.

5. When you add new friends on myspace or facebook include one of my killer BANNER advertisements above when you thank them for the “add”. Make sure to include your affiliate ID as the banner link. The more friends you add the more money you can potentially make. Does not cost anything – no overhead is a gem in itself.

6. Get other people to do the advertising for you! Have a litter brother, a cousin, a co-worker, broke-ass-friend who needs extra money but doesn’t want to work? Give them your unique Wealthy Wiseguy Affiliate ID link and tell them you will give them a cut of the profits. Odds are they are online anyways. Why not make a little extra cashola?

7. Cruise Yahoo Answers type websites. People on those sites are ALWAYS searching for “Hope In A Bottle” – You have exactly what they need. Give them a crafty NON Canned response and nonchalantly include your Wealthy Wiseguy affiliate ID link. You will also attract search engines and eager customers searching about The Wealthy Wiseguy on a “pre-sell” angel.

8. One Word. Craigslist. Millions of eager eyes are prowling on craig right now for opportunities. Put an opportunity right in front of their face. Don’t forget to include your Wealthy Wiseguy affiliate ID so you get paid.

9. Already own a website, a forum, a blog, myspace, facebook? Put one of my “killer” banners in front of eager eyes and you can watch the profits pour in. It’s an easy way to “cross-market” and make even more money on demand.

10. Are you active on Twitter? Send our a couple tweet-tweets to your followers proclaiming Wealthy Wiseguy is the MFM. Make sure to include your unique affiliate id.

11. Write an article on ezinarticles about Wealthy Wiseguy including your unique affiliate ID so you get paid for each referral. Tons of people are searching for “wealthy wiseguy reviews”, “Wealthy Wiseguy Password”, and everything else to do with Wealthy Wiseguy, especially when my TV commercials air at night. Why not get paid for nothing? They’re going to buy my system anyways, so why not line your pockets?

12. Start your own social network on ning for people looking to make money online. Jazz it up a bit, advertise it on other ning networks, and make sure to nonchalantly include you affiliate ID so you get those green backs. It’s all free and only takes a few minutes to get up and running. You’d be stupid not take free moola?

13. Do you regularly post comments on a favorite blog? After you contribute your two cents that nobody reads anyways, include one of my EYE POPPING forum signatures with your affiliate ID. Cha-Ching!

14. Going out to the bar tonight? Tell your aces you have a kick ass way to make tons of money by doing nothing after a few drinks. Don’t tell them how or who! Get their email address and store that ish in your cell phone. Tomorrow send them a quick email reminding them of the conversation you guys had last night about that dough. Include your affiliate ID at the end of the email and watch your bankroll grow.

15. In my other line of work… I’m required to read the newspaper every morning to see who was “busted” to avoid any occupational hazards. If you read online you can usually comment on each story. Include a neg-hit comment with your affiliate id and watch your wad get fatter!

16. Digg Bait Son! Include a catchy headline and description. Include your affiliate link in the URL box and bada-bing! Digg’s a HUGE site so do a little research on Digg bating beforehand so you can stomp down the competition.

17. Hit up digg’s competitors and do the same thing as step 16. Reddit, Propellar, and Delicious are just a few to start with.

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