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  1. Rating: +221

    I want your system like yesterday's breakfast. How can I pay?

  2. Rating: +387

    I have no credit cards. How else can I pay?

  3. Rating: +134

    will i have to pay a monthly fee?

  4. Rating: +115

    Please send me your address so I can send a money order

  5. Rating: +49

    Are you the same wealthy wiseguy that has commercials on MTV and VH1?

  6. Rating: +177

    Do you have any proof of your online earnings?

  7. Rating: +26

    I've used so and so's program before. Is your's similar? I don't want to waste my money on the same thing.

  8. Rating: +98

    I don't know anything about computers or coding. Can I still use your system?

  9. Rating: +98

    What's kind of information is in the wealthy wiseguy book?

  10. Rating: +94

    I just finished reading the book. Awesome book 9.5 out of 10! How do I access the tools to build online?

  11. Rating: +55

    Who is Wealthy Wiseguy?

  12. Rating: +72

    I forgot what my password is. What should I do?

  13. Rating: +96

    I payed for the program and havent received my username and password. When should I expect it?

  14. Rating: +22

    You're an interesting fellow. I really enjoyed your book! I'm a professor. Will you come speak to my business class?

  15. Rating: +33

    im currently in process of developing my own website and interested in the 175k in free advertising and marketing only. Is that included in the sale price program?

  16. Rating: +53

    I am from canada. Can I use your system still?

  17. Rating: +166

    If your so "wealthy" then why are you even bother selling this system?

  18. Rating: +14

    Can I use your program on my blackberry or do I have to use a computer?

  19. Rating: +30

    I visited your website this afternoon and I think you'd make a great addition to mywebsitegetsnotrafficatallitsucks.com. we think you'd benefit from our program!

  20. Rating: +55

    How long does it take to get THE book?

  21. Rating: +14

    Whats the difference between being Rich and being Wealthy?

  22. Rating: +57

    Do I need my own intrenet business before I can start making money?

  23. Rating: +12

    I read the book and use your weapons every day! I want to put a link on my blog. Do you have affiliate section?

  24. Rating: +24

    We want the wealthy wiseguy to do an interview for Nightline! How much?

  25. Rating: +31

    I would like to JV with WWG. Do you have any pro forma of your business? Any business plan? Can our team review these documents along with part of your product (pdf, no mail, doesnt have to)

  26. Rating: +27

    Can I just pay for access to the VIP area?

  27. Rating: +4

    I understand that there will be support on hand to answer any questions that we may have, but is your staff able to assist people that have disabilities such as being blind? I am interested in this program, but need to be sure that I can get the necessary help that I need in order to be successful with this project.

  28. Rating: +45

    i cant downlaod ebook, i only have apple comps. What Should I do?

  29. Rating: +4

    My question is; I have tried another on line money making program and there were some on line software programs I needed to use and I'm running linux as my operating system not windows and I could not do their program because the software will not run on linux.

  30. Rating: +9

    OK, I'm pretty slow when it come sto this kind of thing. I have access to the website, but now what, do I wait for the literature to come in? And when can I expect it to arrive?

  31. Rating: +12

    I get it. You make money by selling books on how to sell books online? Thats not a unique system.

  32. Rating: +2

    I would like to promote your site, so what is the affiliate link so I can start selling your product?

  33. Rating: +17

    Before I pay for the book, I wanted to know if this shows you how to sell things online, if so what would I be selling? Your website isn't clear on what the book is suppose to help you with or how your suppose to make the money, just what are you doing to make it?

  34. Rating: +10

    Will your system work in the UK?

  35. Rating: +18

    I don't have a computer could i use the one at the library

  36. Rating: +24

    The total cost for the Wealthy Wiseguy program is a one time fee and Nothing more, EVER? Thanks